Take Advantage of the Cold & Boost Your Property Value

People tend to think that winter is a time to take a break from their yard­­; however, the coldest time of the year is an ideal season to plan ahead and get started on a landscaping project. After all, an attractive landscape can add up to 28 percent to your overall home value!

Here are some ways to increase your property value during the winter stretch:

1. Add some Trees. You might not think that a tree holds that much weight (figuratively speaking!), but trees actually add significant property value. A tree with an extending canopy in the front yard can increase the median property value by as much as $16,500! For the winter months, evergreens and white pines are two New Jersey trees that can withstand freezing temperatures. And when the snow hits, they create a beautiful contrast of color and ambiance.

2. Plant shrubs and plants that bloom in winter. Any yard with flourishing plants and vegetation increases property value. And at Parker Homescape, we dismiss the notion that flowers can’t thrive in the chilly weather. The Christmas Rose, Winter Jasmines, Witch Hazels and Winterberry Holly are excellent winter-blooming plantings. In terms of shrubbery, the Japanese Andromeda blooms in vibrant shades of pink and purple, which can add an entire new dimension to your property. Plus, the Parker Homescape team offers a wide assortment of plants, flowers, and shrubs to enhance color coordination with a 10 to 15 year growth determination to ensure lasting beauty for your landscape.

3. Light it up! One of the drawbacks of winter is that there’s less sunlight. Lighting up your landscape after the sun sets creates a majestic illumination that displays a backdrop of shadows from your trees and plants. And if there’s snow on the ground, the light will shine and highlight the crystalized flakes that are sprinkling your lawn. Professional landscape lighting shows off what would otherwise remain in the dark, and adds a warm, welcoming touch to anyone passing by your home.

4. Call the birds. Not all the birds fly south for the winter! Birds give your yard the life and movement that you can’t get from trees and plants. Dormant perennials, such as ornamental grasses and coneflower, will have birds swooping in and drawing attention to your landscape; and in turn, you’ll see an increase in the interest and value of your property.

Change Your Landscape and Reap the Benefits

At Parker Homescape, we also offer full-service landscape design consultation for any project size, and our highly skilled team is dedicated to creating the environment of your dreams—down to the smallest detail. To learn more about the endless landscaping possibilities that we can offer you during the winter months, contact Parker Homescape, New Jersey’s award-winning landscape design and construction firm.