Whether you want to add a simple patio to your backyard for family picnics or have your eye on a full outdoor kitchen and bar, finding the right contractor to get the job done is the first — and most important — step to getting the results you want. There are plenty of patio contractors in Hunterdon County, but not all of them are up to the task of providing full service and building luxury designs from the best patio materials.

So how do you know that you’ve found the right patio contractor for your Hunterdon County home? The easiest way to is to know the right questions to ask when doing your research or during an in-person consultation. Fortunately, you can narrow the hunt by focusing on three top qualities that any great patio contractor in NJ should have.

1. Professionalism

When you want a patio that will stand the test of time and function the way you want it to, don’t choose a builder who only does patios on the side. Your best bet is to select a professional landscape architect who designs outdoor living spaces for a career.

In particular, you’ll want to check the following:

  • Licensure: In New Jersey, contractors are strictly licensed to work in their fields. Being licensed means you’ve proven your expertise, and it makes it much easier to navigate the state’s complex system of permitting for outdoor projects.
  • Insurance: Being fully insured is crucial. If anything goes wrong on your property, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your landscaper will be able to cover damages, medical bills and expenses — without having to make a claim on your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Training: Is everyone who works for the landscape designer trained in their field? You only want expert hands on your project, so make sure to find out how the landscaper deals with subcontractors and quality assurance.

2. Creativity

You’ve put a lot into the design and care of your home, so you don’t want a cookie-cutter patio that looks like you built it yourself. A great landscape architect will have creative ideas that make the best use of your unique space. No two properties are alike, so no two patios should be either.

How can you tell if a landscape designer has the vision you’re looking for? Look for these traits:

  • Portfolio: Great designers have a portfolio of past projects to show off their talents and ideas. Look for work that matches your tastes or for a wide variety of styles. This ensures they can be responsive to your vision and adjust their work to blend with your home’s existing architectural features.
  • Consultation: Creative designers make an in-person site visit to gather important information about your property, including measurements, microclimate details, the angle of the sun throughout the day and more. They should also spend a good portion of the consultation listening to your ideas and asking questions to get a sense of what you’re looking for. Ultimately, the creative process is a collaborative one, so you should feel you’ve been heard.
  • Materials: Professional landscape architects have knowledge about and access to a far wider range of materials than you’ll find at the local big-box store. Your landscaper should be able to show you samples and photos of natural stone and pavers in an array of colors and textures so you can choose the perfect look to flesh out your new patio.

3. Experience

Finally, the right landscape architect for your project should be well-versed in everything it takes to get the job done right in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Landscaping is subject to all kinds of weather conditions throughout the year, including rain, sleet, snow, high winds and hot sun. It takes truly local know-how to select plants that will thrive around your new patio, and the actual construction requires a deep understanding of local conditions. Rocky soil, exposed bedrock and drainage issues all need to be accounted for before ground is broken.

Working on New Jersey landscapes also means dealing with local rules and regulations. Experienced landscape contractors will know the bylaws of each municipality in Hunterdon County and the timing of their permitting processes. They’ll also have connections with local building inspectors to help make sure your project goes smoothly. This practical experience simply cannot be copied — it has to be earned.

Hiring a Professional Patio Contractor

As you can see, finding a landscape architect who is professional, creative and experienced is a must for any upscale landscaping project. When you seek out a highly qualified patio contractor in NJ, your project will be completely customized from the ground up, and you can be assured that it will hold up for many years of enjoyment, as it is built with New Jersey’s specific conditions in mind.

Great design doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of training and a willingness to consult with homeowners about their needs and desires for living in their landscape. When you work with professionals, they make sure your new patio functions as it should and becomes the go-to spot in your home for entertaining and relaxation.

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