If you’re considering redesigning the landscape of your property, a water feature can go a long way toward creating a relaxing retreat and adding lasting value to your home and garden. It’s easy to overlook the benefits of a waterfall or pond when you’re focused on adding outdoor entertaining features like a kitchen, bar or pool patio, but a custom water feature can transform your yard and take it to a new level of luxury.

5 Benefits of Outdoor Water Features in Somerset County, NJ

A water feature (like a pondless waterfall) does more than just create a lovely view. Water features help disguise problems and appeal to several of your senses to create a restful, zen-like atmosphere. When you add a water feature, you get to experience these amazing benefits.

  • Added Beauty: Water features are a feast for the eyes, thanks to their layers of natural stone, glistening rivulets and lush plant life. They look great and add a “wow” factor to your overall landscape.
  • Soothing Sounds: The steady bubble of a water feature creates a calming white noise that your brain interprets as non-threatening, which allows you to deeply relax in the space. The rush of water can also mask neighborhood noise like traffic or machinery as well.
  • Natural Wonders: All living things need water and adding some to your property helps support the local wildlife in your area. You’ll attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife that stop by to visit your water source.
  • Easy Maintenance: Water-loving plants that thrive near a water feature are generally low-maintenance and any area that reduces lawn leaves you with less to take care of. Pondless waterfalls are particularly carefree as they stay clean and free of debris.
  • Improved Property Value: When it’s time to sell your home, a carefully designed landscape will add value to your home and can help raise your asking price by tens of thousands. Waterfalls rank high in popularity among home shoppers, according to Architectural Digest.

Get Inspired by These Gorgeous Water Features

Love the idea of adding a flowing waterfall or other water feature to your property? Take a look at these ideas and imagine how they could improve your own backyard.

Pondless Pocket Garden

This water feature is unexpectedly but effectively tucked along a walkway made of oversized stone slabs. It utilizes the natural slope of the property for height and creates a soothing sound that invites visitors to explore the back lawn. Spiky grasses and masses of bright annuals add interest while natural stone boulders delineate the waterfall and create texture.

Joyful Miniature Waterfall

This charming water feature proves that no property is too small to enjoy a beautiful waterfall. This pondless waterfall is built with a small ledge of natural stone that supports water-loving plants and carefree clover. The pond is tucked between a flagstone patio and cedar privacy fence; it’s lined with a collection of river stones and larger local rocks for interest.

A River Runs Through It

Pondless waterfalls don’t necessarily need to be tall cascades, either. This rock-lined artificial creek takes advantage of the slight grade away from the house to create a series of very short waterfalls only a few inches high. Because they are separated by long, shallow pools, it creates the illusion of a natural creek. The water feature uses quarried stone blocks for the general outlines and is lined with a bed of smooth river rocks.

Classic Cascades of Water

Of course, the most traditional waterfalls depend on height and multiple levels to direct water through a series of beautiful runs that create a pleasing sound and sight. This pondless waterfall is designed with natural stone in a range of sizes and colors to emulate a natural look. Sharp borders on the sides give way to smooth stones at the base, just as they would in nature. Moss and colorful plants soften the overall look for a lovely woodland scene.

How to Get the Water Feature of Your Dreams

If you’re ready to build an outdoor water feature on your Somerset County, NJ property, it’s always best to work with a professional landscape architect. Building a waterfall is a feat of engineering, and it takes the right machinery and knowledge to fit it into your existing landscape seamlessly as if it had always been there. Depending on the size of the water feature you envision, you may also need to secure building permits and employs special machinery to excavate and lay an appropriate foundation. A landscape designer with experience working with New Jersey’s soil will know just how to work with your space to make the perfect waterfall or feature. A professional landscape designer will also be able to look at your property’s layout to determine exactly the best way to design your bespoke water feature for the most aesthetically pleasing results. When you invest in a great water feature, you’ll have a pleasant place to retreat to for years to come!

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