The immense destruction caused by Mother Nature over the last couple of years has caused many people to search for ways to better prepare for storms, and come up with preventative measures that might lessen the severity of storm damage cleanup in the future.  So, what have we learned in the residential landscape design business that we can directly apply to lessen the effects of future natural disasters?  The staff at Parker Homescape has begun working on the following tips:

Storm Landscaping Tips

  • Creating a list of plant/tree species that are more susceptible to breakage and/or falling due to branch and root structure, as well as varieties that have proven to be much hardier and resilient
  • Offering assistance to help you find landscape drainage solutions that will ensure that water cannot enter and/or damage your home during the worst of storms
  • Designing proactive measures and schedules to properly prune and maintain your residential landscape design to remove excess weight, improve durability and ensure that any dead wood is removed
  • Amending and redesigning landscapes to increase the longevity and sustainability of your exterior investments
  • Offering advice on the health, stability and value of specific trees on your property and recommending the replacement and/or elimination of any trees that may be a safety hazard
  • Providing recommendations and solutions to try to bring certain plantings back to health

Although we cannot control the after-effects of a natural disaster, we can take steps to better the odds of “weathering” the storm and preventing unnecessary property storm landscaping damage.  Call a professional landscape company to get a common sense evaluation of your landscape and tips on storm damage cleanup.  Besides peace of mind, it’s nice knowing you are protecting one of the most important factors used to determine the resale value of your home.

Scott Parker is the owner of Parker Homescape, a design/build residential landscape design firm that has been recognized as one of the Top Landscape Design/ Build Firms in the United States and has been recognized locally by Design NJ Magazine, New York Spaces Magazine, The Suburban News and many other prestigious publications. In 2012, Parker Homescape’s award-winning work was chosen to be published in a book that is currently being distributed worldwide.

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