When it comes to landscape design, Hunterdon County homes provide the same opportunities as a blank canvas does to a creative, imaginative artist. This is thanks to the area’s abundance of large, elegant homes flanked by spacious front and back yards, as well as a local climate that’s friendly to a wide array of plants, flowers, trees and grasses.

Because of this valuable outdoor space, many homes in New Jersey are also graced with luxurious outdoor pools. If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool on your property, you can showcase it by surrounding it with an elegant pool deck made of either natural stone or paver stone. There is a multitude of beautiful natural stone options, such as Bluestone, Travertine and many others that offer variation in textures, colors and styles. Additionally, paver stone also comes in a wide array of patterns, hues and textures.

Additional features such as tiered steps, meandering walkways and a pool house or cabana will not only enhance the beauty of your pool, but they’ll also add significant value to your home.

Benefits of Using Bluestone for Pool Decking

One of the most deluxe and durable — pool decks are constructed of natural, rustic bluestone, which come in an array of tints, ranging from blue/grays to greens, oranges and reds, as well as earth tones. Bluestone comes in two varieties: Pennsylvania, a natural feldspathic sandstone sourced from quarries in Pennsylvania and New York, and Shenandoah, a limestone sourced from the Shenandoah Valley.

Bluestone slabs come in two basic styles: ashlar (also referred to as “random pattern”), which is a pattern of traditional squares and rectangles, and fieldstone (also referred to as “Irregular”), a pattern of varying shapes fitted together. You can choose between a natural cleft texture, which provides a slightly rougher surface, or a sawn thermal texture, which is created by wetting, burning and rubbing the stone down to a smoother finish.

Elegant Pool Deck Features

For landscapers specializing in pool decking and hardscaping, Hunterdon county yards are typically large enough to accommodate a variety of elegant, innovative pool deck features. Here are several hardscape design ideas that can transform your pool area into a showplace:

Tiered Patios and Stairs

Tiered stairs leading down into the pool deck will add both convenience and beauty to your pool. If your yard is large enough, consider adding a tiered patio to separate your yard from the pool area. Paved with rustic bluestone, a tiered patio pool deck can add a palatial look to your landscape design.

Convertible Patio/Walkways

Bluestone can also be used to create a spacious patio for poolside lounging; but instead of surrounding the patio with lawn, consider adding a paved walkway leading back to the house — or to a garden, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace/fire pit or other outdoor attraction. A designer stone walkway will not only protect your grass; it will also add a safe, secure path from your pool area. It will also add value — both financial and aesthetic — to your property.

Patio Pool House

A patio pool house or pool cabana isn’t just a place for your guests to change clothes. It’s also an ideal spot for relaxing and entertaining. In addition, it provides you and your guests a convenient place to change your clothes (no more treks to the house in dripping swimsuits) and gives you an extra outdoor enclosure for offering drinks and food.

A pool house doesn’t have to be a basic wooden structure. It can be a deluxe pavilion propped up with latticework support structures or an airy, gazebo-style structure with a vented roof to bring in a bit of air and sunshine.

With its convenient features and touch of elegance, a patio pool house will make your pool parties the talk of the neighborhood — and will also add significant value to your property.

Landscaping Your Pool Deck

The area surrounding your pool doesn’t have to be bare of vegetation. Today’s creative landscape designers are using a variety of ways to incorporate greenery into the pool deck area. Landscaping can provide a lush atmosphere, while also adding privacy to your pool.

Green plants, hedges and bushes are a better option than flowering plants and shrubs, which may attract unwelcome bugs to your pool party. It’s also best to avoid planting standard-sized trees in the area, as these might add too much shade to your pool; plus, they’ll drop leaves onto the pool deck. One exception is palm trees, which add a welcome tropical atmosphere and if a palm frond drops off, it’s easy to drag it away.

For a bit of poolside greenery, many homeowners opt for container plants, which are easy to maintain and can be brought inside during the winter months. Landscapers also have a preference for dwarf trees and lush greenery that not only screen the pool area, but also add a tropical rainforest effect.

A reputable landscaper will be able to put together an ideal combination of green plants, shrubs and trees to give your poolside the look of a welcome oasis.

Pool Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, Hunterdon County homes, with their typically larger dimensions, provide an ideal venue for innovative schematic lighting designs that not only add dimension, but provide extra security to a home. Poolside lighting is also important because it makes the pool area safe for nighttime swims and entertaining.

A combination of underwater, in-ground and above-ground pool lights can create a stunning visual effect, as the play of lights ripples across the water. Bluestone slabs surrounding the pool will also pick up the light to reflect a myriad of jewel-like colors.

A good landscaping company can provide a wealth of options for your poolside area. With a bluestone or paver deck, a charming pool house, a touch of greenery and designer lighting, your pool can be transformed into a spectacular showplace for both daytime and nighttime entertaining.

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