Summer in New Jersey is a magical time. Sunny days and balmy nights mean that your family will want to stay cool in a bright, sparkling pool of your own. Adding a crisp water feature to your backyard will increase your property value, but you’ll also gain so much more: a place to make lasting memories with your family and friends for years to come.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of installing a pool on your property or you already have a swimming pool that could use a makeover, adding a pool deck will allow you to fully integrate your pool into your landscape design and tie it to the house for seamless indoor/outdoor living.

6 Pool Deck Designs to Inspire You

Not sure what you’re looking for? Take a look at these ideas to get a sense of what you like, then get in touch with a professional to get started on a pool deck design for your Hunterdon County home.

1. Long and Lean

Who says you need an Olympic-size pool to enjoy your summer? If you have a narrow strip along the side of your property, you can still enjoy a cool dip. This design makes the most of the long, narrow pool by accentuating its shape with herringbone or running bond decking. Narrow benches continue the horizontal motif, while the pool is close enough to the windows to reflect light inside.

2. Terrific Texture

Stacked flagstone or Bluestone walls contrast with the smooth paver or natural stone patio in this backyard oasis. Multiple levels add interest to the deck, while a textured wall screens the area from prying eyes. Best of all, a clever water feature is built right into the deck and adds soothing sounds as well as visual interest.

3. Fire and Water

Placement of a fire pit reflecting on the pool water can look fabulous with the right pool deck design. This thoughtful design offers romance and beauty that can be enjoyed while entertaining large parties or during one on one time with your significant other. It also creates a focal point of interest for people to congregate and relax whether daytime or at night.

4. Fabulous Flagstone

Gray flagstone or Bluestone makes this pool deck look like it’s been there forever and it ties the historical finish on the nearby house into the landscape. The stone’s angles contrast nicely with the curves of the pool and the design is finished with a low wall and extensive perennial border to provide colorful blooms all season long.

5. Bigger Is Better

Sometimes a property calls for a bold statement. This pool deck is made of limestone pavers that add ample seating on both sides of the pool. The cool grays are repeated in the waterfall, planter and accent walls that house fire pits for extra warmth on a cool night. The angular nature of the design contrasts with the rolling hills in the background and recalls a Roman bath.

6. Leave the Lawn

If you love your swath of green, you can incorporate it into your pool design. This clean look uses just a narrow strip of smooth Bluestone to outline the pool and leaves the rest of the “deck” as a clipped lawn. For additional interest, the hot tub is raised above the level of the pool and deck. There is a classic fountain as a focal point.

Professional Pool Deck Design in Central New Jersey

When planning your pool deck design, it’s crucial to hire an experienced landscape design service in Hunterdon County NJ. Professional designers know all about the challenges and special features of New Jersey’s unique landscape, so they can help you work with your property instead of fighting against it. The professionals take many important factors into consideration before presenting a design plan, including the following:

Existing Conditions

Do you have poor drainage? Rocky soil? Wintertime frost heaves? The professionals know just what to look for on your property to make sure your deck design is structurally sound and will provide a lifetime of joy.

Property Size and Shape

In design, the proportion is everything. A great designer will look at your acreage and the shape of your home and garden to determine a visually pleasing and functional use of your space.

Location of New Features

Are you planning an outdoor shower for your pool deck design? A waterfall? Knowing what’s possible and what’s practical will make your design work, regardless of what details you wish to add to your Hunterdon County pool deck design.

Cutting-edge Materials

It’s easy to assume that pool decks all look the same, but great designers are fully aware of the latest trends and best materials. They’ll point you toward the right stone or material for the perfect color and texture to enhance your property.

Working With a Professional

Simply put, the professionals know their stuff and they’ll work with you to assess your needs and create a design that works for your family — and exceeds your wildest expectations.

A well-designed pool deck will add value to your property and provide a respite from the cares of work and everyday life. To get the best results for your investment, hiring a knowledgeable landscape designer is crucial. The right Hunterdon County pool deck professional brings the expertise you need to create the stunning pool of your dreams.

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