When you think about landscaping projects that will transform your property, it’s easy to focus on the backyard. After all, this is where most of your everyday outdoor living and entertaining occurs, so it’s only natural to want to make that area the focus of your design. This is often where the big-ticket luxury designs are located as well, including pools, outdoor fireplaces and full outdoor kitchens and bars.

Still, you never want to forget all the possibilities that come along with landscaping your front yard. This is the world’s first experience with your property, so a unique front yard landscape design allows you to express your tastes and offer a hint at what kind of life is to be found behind the front door—and on into the backyard. A professionally designed front yard also, which is crucial for attracting buyers and getting the best possible price when you’re ready to sell.

If you haven’t given a lot of thought to your front yard lately, take a look at these front yard landscape ideas to make the most of your New Jersey home.

Courtly Entrance

Photo by Grow Landscapes, Inc.

This traditional home makes the most of a sweeping front yard by creating a courtyard in front of the relatively small front porch. The blue and gray flagstone pavers provide an extra-wide path from the driveway to the front entrance, with additional space created in the large, ground-level landing at the bottom of the steps. A semi-circular, natural stone wall provides seating at the front as well as a focal point to highlight the gracious front door. This design is reminiscent of circular driveways in front of an estate and is perfect for adding a regal touch.

Curved Pathways

Photo by Autumn Hill Patio & Landscape

Who says a front walk has to be straight? Curved pathways lead the eye to a focal point and practically beg visitors to walk along them, so it’s a welcoming shape to deploy in a front yard landscape design. The curves in this path enlarge what would ordinarily be a short line from the house to the driveway. Sealed pavers create texture thanks to the herringbone pattern, while a soldier course of textured stone creates a curb for the foundation planting bed. Paved front steps and stoop complete the look and provide a long-lasting entryway that easily stands up to winter ice and snow.

Grand Staircase

Photo by Rob Bramhall Architects

Solid granite steps turn a problematic slope into a stunning entrance. The staircase is sturdy and built to fit perfectly within the natural slope of the hillside, while terraced gardens on either side soften the look to make it welcoming rather than forbidding. This look is designed to be low-maintenance, as the granite will withstand years of weather while the plant choices are all drought-tolerant and hardy through Zone 5.

Front Yard Flower Garden

Photo by David Morello Garden Enterprises, Inc.

Think outside the lawn and turn your front yard into a one-of-a-kind botanical garden. There’s no better way to celebrate summer color in New Jersey than to plant a stunning collection of annuals and perennials to provide an amazing pop of color from your house to the street. Pale, natural flagstone paths connect the front door to the municipal sidewalk and continue to turn the grass strip in front of the house into a courtyard with a round centerpiece. The grouted flagstone provides a smooth, weed-free surface that looks great in all four seasons.

Naturalistic Waterfall

Photo by Waterfalls Fountains & Gardens

Pondless waterfalls built of natural stone boulders and ledges have become more commonplace in backyards to create a restful retreat, but this home proves that they can be just as lovely when placed front and center. This unexpected waterfall masks an underground garage and adds texture and interest to a high foundation. The natural boulders create shelves for the waterfall to trickle through for a pleasant soundscape, and the look is completed with ferny green and trailing vines to make it look as if it has always been there.

Getting Started on Your Front Yard Makeover

Feeling inspired by these beautiful front yard landscape ideas? Transforming your NJ home is easy when you work with a professional who knows all the ins and outs of building with stone to create the perfect look for your home. When you choose an experienced landscape architect, you’ll have a partner that knows what styles, shapes and materials will look best with your existing architecture, and you’ll have the benefits of a trained eye to problem-solve to make the most of that all-important first impression from the street.

Perhaps most importantly, a professional landscape designer knows New Jersey: its climate, its trends and its local regulations. They’ll be able to create a design that works in your neighborhood while making sure that all the permitting and inspection issues are taken care of. Your front yard has the potential to make or break your property’s curb appeal, so you definitely don’t want to leave its design in the wrong hands. Get the help you need on this important project, and you can sit back and enjoy all the compliments when the job is complete!

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